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Your organization has probably made significant investments to address various regulatory compliance issues from LIBOR transition to QFC/BRRD and from Basel IV to Brexit.
What if, rather than seeing these exercises as painful costs incurred through a series of disjointed projects, these initiatives could instead be used to transform how your organization uses qualitative data to deliver long-term strategic value?

In this webinar, speakers from Eigen Technologies and Boston Consulting Group will explore how large multinational banks and mainstream and alternative asset managers have done just that – used their response to a regulatory compliance exercise as a stepping stone to rethink how they approach all their unstructured data.

Drawing on Eigen’s experiences of providing Document AI solutions to organizations like Goldman Sachs, Fortress, BlackRock and ING and BCG’s deep knowledge of helping the world’s leading financial services institutions deliver strategic change, this webinar will help you think in a fresh way about your pathway to digital transformation. 

This webinar first took place on 25 February 2021.


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About this webinar:

Roy Choudhury

Managing Director and Partner
Boston Consulting Group

Dr. Lewis Z. Liu

Co-founder and CEO
Eigen Technologies

DATE: Thursday 25 February 2021
TIME: 16.00 GMT/11.00 ET



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